Welcome to Zia Core.

My primary interest for many years has been computer programming, especially focused around the Web, Mac, and iOS.  While the computer industry is always churning, many of the initial major hurtles were overcome years ago.

As a programmer, I love a good problem.  There still remain many interesting problems in the computer arena, but in many cases, the same problems are being rehashed, just from a different angle.

Methods to generate renewable energy have been around for a long time, but like the computer industry in the mid-1970s, it has not come even remotely close to meeting its potential.  Prior to the explosion of the home computer market, computers were reserved for businesses and universities.  The renewable energy industry is in a similar state – large scale renewable energy production is limited to those large businesses which can afford the costs.  There are some who have invested into adding solar panels to their homes, but the upfront cost is still prohibitively expensive (around $20,000).  When home computers began to reach into the mass market in the 1980s, the typical computer cost into the thousands of dollars (the original Macintosh initially sold for $2495 in 1984).  Today in 2011, a capable computer can be easily purchased for less than a thousand dollars.  For solar panels (and related products) to reach a mass appeal, we will need to see a similar reduction in cost of production and a dramatic increase in the efficiency of generating and storing energy.

About Zia Core

This site has been established to formalize my thoughts and ideas about alternative energy, related products, and the “green” industry.  A lot of different ideas were thrown about for a good name, but many of the domain names had already been claimed.  Here are a sample of names I thought of which were already taken.

  • KaiEnergy.com
  • SolarRaven.com
  • SolarPhoenix.com
  • SunEagle.com
  • RaPower.com
  • Zia.com
  • ZiaCore.com (forwarded to xiacore.com)
  • ZiaEnergy.com (forwards to http://www.affordable-solar.com)
  • ZiaTech.com
  • MithrasEnergy.com

When reading through a guidebook about New Mexico, the term “zia” came up, referencing not only the Zia Pueblo tribe, but also the Zia Sun symbol, which is featured on the New Mexico flag.  The name was perfect.  Short, easy to pronounce, and relating to the sun.  However, others had also thought of this same idea, so I started to mix and match the term “zia” with other words until I found one that I liked.  Being a programmer, the term “core” has had multiple meanings to me, from “core dump” to the various Core technologies by Apple, Inc. (CoreImage, CoreData, CoreAudio, etc.).  Considering that the sun also has a core, the term “Zia Core” fit quite nicely.

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