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Solar Powered Accessories for Mobile

4 November 2014 Leave a comment
As mobile devices have become ubiquitous, the need to be able to keep these gadgets charged while on-the-go has become more of a persistent problem.  Far too often one has encountered the scenario of a dead phone due to a drained battery.  In such cases, one may not have the time to sit around while waiting for their electronic device to recharge. Our phones and tablets need accessories which are as mobile as they are to be beneficial — the Solio CLASSIC2 and the Solar Keyboard Folio for iPad are two examples to help keep our devices well powered.


The Solio CLASSIC2 is the latest offering from Better Energy Systems.  This company is no stranger to the field of solar powered chargers and has modeled their business around sleek and accessible solar chargers.   

The CLASSIC2 inherits the best elements of its earlier siblings, the original Solio CLASSIC and the Solio BOLT.  The CLASSIC2 maintains the general shape and fold-out petal appearance of the original CLASSIC, but it is larger, which allows for larger solar panels and a larger 3200 mAh battery, nearly twice the capacity of the CLASSIC’s 1650 mAh battery.

The similarities between the CLASSIC and the CLASSIC2 end there, as the CLASSIC2 eschews the custom ports and cables of its predecessor and follows the BOLT’s model by opting for standard USB ports.  A standard full-sized 5W USB port provides for a convenient method to charge a variety of phones.  An additional benefit for Apple devices (iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads) is the Apple-optimized charging feature, which can be turned on by holding down the power button for five seconds.  To return to normal charging mode, hold the power button down for another five seconds until the button flashes green.

The primary method of charging the Solio CLASSIC2 is by the sun, but it also has the capability to be charged via auxiliary power through the micro-USB port.  This allows the CLASSIC2 to be charged via another connected solar panel or from a traditional power source.

Compact, flexible, and useful, the CLASSIC2 continues the Solio tradition of providing portable solar charging to the market.

Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio for iPad

Logitech’s name is synonymous with computer accessories, so it is no surprise that Logitech also develops products for new breeds of tablets.  Pair that with their experience with other solar-powered keyboards, such as the  K750 and K760, and the result is the Solar Keyboard Folio for iPad.

Despite that mouthful of a product name, the only ornament on the outside of the rubbery-leather case is the Logitech logo and a row of solar panels.  Like Logitech’s other forays with solar-powered keyboards, the Folio cautiously sips energy while the solar panels keep the batteries charged.  Such energy conversation practically eradicates the worry that the device will run out of power like standard wireless peripherals, which can eat through batteries every couple of months.

The Folio communicates with the iPad via Bluetooth, but when not in use, both the keyboard and the iPad are put to sleep, which further assists in saving unnecessary battery drain.

The Solar Keyboard Folio’s dual nature as both a case and a built-in keyboard provide this to be a useful and practical iPad accessory, without bringing the hassle of monitoring and replacing batteries, thanks to the solar powered panels along the top of the case.
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