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Solar Powered Sunglasses + Dinosaur Energy

A couple of ideas which I have recently been mulling over…

Solar Powered Sunglasses

With the sun staring me in the face while I was driving, I wondered why there aren’t any solar powered sun glasses available.  If solar panels can make use of UV rays (which a good pair of sunglasses also try to absorb to protect your eyes), why not design a pair of sunglasses with lenses made out of thin, semi-opaque solar cells?

After a little searching, I discovered that this idea isn’t wholly original.  As the Digital Trends site mentions, this is one of those “Why didn’t I think of that” ideas.  However, the reported Ray-Ban Shama Shade has only a thin strip of PV cells along the arms of the glasses, which hardly provides even a nominal amount of space to produce even a decent amount of energy.

My initial idea was a little closer to the Spider-man looking glasses by Yanko Design which uses lenses with dye solar cells .  However, I have not been able to find much information about  these glasses, so they might have been more of a concept product or limited to specific markets.

Perhaps this concept could be extended to a product like Google Glass, where solar cells could be used to give a supportive boost for the battery life.

Extending upon the idea of using semi-opaque solar cells and glass could be better utilized with large windows which could provide a decent amount of energy to help provide power to a building or other structure.

Dinosaur Energy

When I came up with the term “Dinosaur Energy” several months ago, I was surprised that this phrase wasn’t already more prevalent, especially considering the clever dual meanings it has.

  • Non-renewable resources such as oil and coal are formed from the ancient remains of organic matter (e.g. plants, animals).  Hence, these sources of energy truly might have derived from dinosaur remnants.
  • The term “dinosaur” is also a person or thing that is outdated and has became obsolete due to the inability to adapt to the changing environment.  In the computer world, a computer more than a couple of years ago becomes a “dinosaur” or “relic”.  This also reflects where the oil and coal industries are heading.  Their deaths have been predicted for many years, but the stranglehold these industries have on today’s society has prevented them from dying quickly.  However, their reign will eventually come to an end, especially once cleaner (and cheaper) technologies supplant them.  Given enough time, effort, and economy, there will be a brighter energy future in stock for us.  How quickly we can realize this dream is dependent upon our efforts.
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