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Solio Update

I have owned the Solio Classic-i for a little over a year and the iPhone 3GS for two years.  As one would expect, the capacity of a rechargeable battery declines over time.  Yesterday, I performed an experiment to see how well the batteries have held up over time.  My iPhone was completely drained and the Solio Classic-i was fully charged.  I plugged in the Solio into the iPhone and let the charging begin.  Once the Solio’s battery was drained, I checked the status of the iPhone’s battery: 53%.

Considering that the iPhone 3GS’s battery is rated at 1219 mAh and the Solio Classic-i’s battery is rated at 1,650 mAh, these results are not optimal by any means.  Ideally, the Solio should be able to fully charge the iPhone and still have some energy remaining.

What does this mean?  If a fully charged Solio Classic-i can barely fill half of my two-year old iPhone 3GS’s battery, that seems to indicate that the Solio’s battery has lost a lot of its original capacity over the past year.  However, considering I have used the Solio at nearly every opportunity that I have had, this might be expected with the constant charging and discharging of the battery over the course of a year.  Bettery Energy Systems, the maker of the Solio products, has a YouTube video available on how to change out the battery in a Solio Classic-i.

In other Solio news, the Classic-i model is being replaced by the new Solio Bolt.   The Bolt eschews the triangular-petal design of the Classic-i and makes use of a more rectangular shape, which allows for a larger set of solar panels and a larger battery.  The website claims that the Solio Bolt contains a 2000 mAh Li-Poly battery.  The first batch of Solio Bolts has already sold out, so I’m waiting for my order to be delivered.

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